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Editing is the negative space of filmmaking.

I'm a film and video editor. This is a place to discuss the art of editing moving pictures.

A lot of people are confused by the term split edit. A split edit is when the video and audio don’t cut at the same time. It’s extremely common in editing—once I point it out to you, you’ll notice it everywhere.

In this example, from a commercial I cut, the split edit comes at about 0:37. The guy on the phone says “let me call you back,” and you hear the other guy say “look,” before we cut to him. The advantage of doing this, in this case, is you get to see the reaction of the guy who’s just said “let me call you back.” If we cut to the other guy right when he starts to talk, we wouldn’t see that priceless puzzled reaction.

Sometimes people get split edits confused with cutaways. A cutaway is where the audio track is continuous and the video cuts away from the speaker and then back to the same speaker (usually but not always . A good example in this video is at 0:08, where the guy on the phone says “it’s taken us the better part of the day to get back up and running” and we see the guy passing by suddenly taking interest.

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